Competitive Analysis and Price to Win

This seminar provides an in depth instruction of the elements of competitive analysis PTW in support of the capture of major acquisitions. This highly effective process has been proven to focus capture teams' attention on price as they approach major government opportunities.

The seminar is instructed by expert Competitive Analysis Price To Win practitioner Mr. Eric Hemmer. With over 20 years experience he has provided strategic Price-to-Win (PTW) support to clients across all of the industry and market areas that he serves. His proven approach to PTW is based upon a time tested methodology and supported by a large array of discrete toolsets and modeling components that capture the essence of your competitor's approach to winning and running their business. All his PTW efforts are based exclusively upon Open Source intelligence activities and are supported by his Competitive Intelligence Utility (CIU).

Key PTW elements include

  • Understanding the practice of gathering intelligence and analyzing the accumulated data for the purposes of decision-making
  • The development of detailed likely competitor pricing with potential and probable bid gaming effects factored into the recommend "should price"
  • The use of proven methodology discrete toolsets and modeling component including the Competitive Intelligence Utility (CIU)
  • How to provide your capture team with bid input that focuses the understanding of the competitive threats faced and develops strategies for mitigating those threats
  • Insuring that your company captures the opportunity with a roadmap to profitable program execution and makes an informed business decision about its interests in sustaining an opportunity pursuit
  • How to developing a comparison of capabilities, current pricing, investment behavior, customer satisfaction and expectations
  • Illuminating the decision-making practices of a targeted company


Collins Consulting will present a 4-segments 1-day seminar. The proprietary models and all slides used to develop this seminar will be provided in comprehensive PTW manual.  Our standard approach to competitive analysis is refined continuously through a rigorous and recursive process of transforming experience into new repeatable understanding. Our three-phase process, each phase consisting of seven distinct elements, is outlined below:

  • Introduction to PTW;
  • Phase I: DRFP and/or RFP - Initial opportunity & competitive analysis, target selection
  • Phase II: Pre-BAFO Initial Submission - Ungamed "should price" analysis
  • Phase III: BAFO Gamed "should price" and strategic decision guidance

A case study of an actual pursuit can be included as a class example to incrementally support the 3 phases of competitive analysis/PTW as they are explained

Who should Attend

The following professional will benefit from this presentation:

  • Business development professionals will learn how PTW effects the business development process.
  • Capture managers - will receive a solution-to-price view of the PTW & opportunity capture environment
  • Proposal managers - will learn how to incorporate PTW strategies into their proposals
  • Strategic bid pricers - will get a PTW view of pricing and it's major issues
  • Competitive intelligence practitioners - will receive an important PTW toolset and process

To receive a seminar outline and registration form or to schedule a private seminar at your corporate location, contact David Collins, Director Business Development at (301) 254 3560 or email